Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why the Japanese scare me.

Okay, so it's just a stop motion animation made with some Figma toys and Gundam mechs, but it's done so well, that it scares me. The girls look especially creepy when they move all around all girly like. (I think what really scares me is the room filled only with boxes and toys.)

Maybe this kid had to much time on his hands...but I do have to admit, he did a really good job with the stop motion. I do like it a lot. Reminds me of the good ol days when I was able to do so much with my time. Ah youth.... I shall use it as inspiration to continue my hobbies! ..though less creepy. :-)

Btw, he has about a dozen of these made.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cats that Play

When I don't have time to play with my cats, I give them my handheld games to play on. Leon is on the DS and Jasper, my sister's cat, is on the PSP. I don't know what they're playing, I was too busy taking the picture. :-)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Back to basics? :-(

Here's a scene I decided to "pencil test," though the scene is already complete. It's a good thing I did, I was really rusty and it took me a while to relearn the program again. I used an updated After Effects and even the most simplest tasks gave me trouble to figure out. It's only been about 2 years since I've used it....so I guess it's enough to drive me crazy. The scene does need some fixing, so I'll go back and correct the timing a bit, but the actual drawings in the frames are going to stay the way they are. It would be great to go back and smooth out the animation but I have to move on to other scenes. Practice makes perfect!