Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love and War with comics

A very long time ago (I'm talking about 10 years here...), I wanted to draw a comic with Rob. Something fun to do together. It quickly became a battle I had hoped to eventually win... until one day, when Nebuli was born. A love comic made between Becky Cloonan and Vasilis Lolos. As my peers, I love everything they put on paper and to do a mini comic together, pure awesomeness! My happiness suddenly melted into envy and jealousy when I realized I was fighting a war with Rob I wasn't going to win. So here is my one page comic that I did about a year ago on my acceptance of that.

Nebuli is a very special comic indeed. <3

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Space Chase

Way back when I was in college I made this animated short with 2 other friends, Jade Kuei, and Alana Roberts. Even after my thesis and other animated projects, this short still remains as one of my personal favorites. It was done with two good friends and our different ideas came together lovely. It may be cheesy but I'm proud to show it off. And thank you Jade for putting up on youtube! <3