Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love and War with comics

A very long time ago (I'm talking about 10 years here...), I wanted to draw a comic with Rob. Something fun to do together. It quickly became a battle I had hoped to eventually win... until one day, when Nebuli was born. A love comic made between Becky Cloonan and Vasilis Lolos. As my peers, I love everything they put on paper and to do a mini comic together, pure awesomeness! My happiness suddenly melted into envy and jealousy when I realized I was fighting a war with Rob I wasn't going to win. So here is my one page comic that I did about a year ago on my acceptance of that.

Nebuli is a very special comic indeed. <3

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Amy said...

Hey Melissa! It's nice seeing your blog -- your very own blog!! XD Congrats on the Zuda comic. I hope it does well!