Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Estrigious 10 Year Anniversary!!

Wow! It's been 10 years now since Estrigious was established. We've been through ups and downs but overall did some amazing things together as a group. We've self-published two books, did artwork and even hosted a panel at a convention. We've even worked on the animation scenes featured in the live action movie Super Troopers. Most importantly, we've created this website to feature our work and support each other as friends and fellow artists. 

Things have changed and now so has Estrigious. We will continue to respect and honor the things that made Estrigious what it is today, but to reflect change and the growth made over the years, Estrigious will gradually blossom in something more representative of what we are today.

Be ready to check out the site to see changes made, and news on upcoming projects.

Forever love, Estrigious

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becky said...

WOOO! Go us!!! Here's to ten more XD