Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Model Kit Addiction 03: Asuka Langley

I don't remember when I did this model but I'm pretty sure it was when Neon Genesis Evangelion was still new and I was still a fan. That was years ago and years since I took these photos, so I don't have a complete turn around for Asuka.
It was still an early kit, so I made no attempt to use pins to hold the model in place. I focused mostly on color and texture and the detailing, which I think, I used a rapidiograph ink pen to do. I do remember her leg not fitting well so I had to do a lot of sanding and putty-ing to fix it to my liking.
I put a lot of work into my modelling, but since I've completed this model, I have moved twice. And twice, she broke... It's hard to get attached to your work and have it ruined. But, since it's just a hobby, I move on. Lesson learned. Pin the pieces together.

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