Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Santa vs Dracula designs: The Hunchback/Igor

Santa vs Dracula is coming back. After working on the 8 page comic for Zuda and the the animated preview for Aniboom, Ed and myself are going to finally work on the entire story for SvD. In the last few weeks, I've drawn new character designs, drew up some mock covers and even did rough thumbnails for all 144 pages.

Here we have 2 designs for The Hunchback/Igor. I drew them as they might have been two different characters, but in the end, we stuck with one, The Hunchback with the unicycle. I figured since he was hunched over so much, he might need support, so I chose a unicycle peddled by his front arms. :p

More designs coming up!

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Erik Johnson said...

I got a good laugh out of the unicycle design. It's a truly brilliant caricature!

I'm not sure why you have a drawing of Bill Gates here too.