Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Resin Model Kits Addicts Anonymous

Got another model kit post for ya! I can't quite remember the order of when I did these models but Misato from Evangelion here might have been my 5th one. Even for having done a few prior to this one, the whole painting and putting together resin model kits was still fairly new to me. Back in my high school years, there still wasn't a lot of info I could find on the internet about it so I had to learn on my own and whatever I could figure out from looking through Hobby Fan magazines.

Misato is 1/8 scale. I sanded down the rough parts and used no primer before painting. Yup, learning everything on my own. I usually start with lighter colors first, usually the skin tone. I used an airbrush the get most of the color down and masked off parts I didn't need colored. I then go in and paint the details with a small paint brush. Since my first plastic kit model with Cloud and Aerith, I vowed never to use decals for the eyes. I enjoy and take pride in painting the eyes myself.

The paints I used were Tamiya Acrylic paints. I used a glossy red for her jacket so it would look a little more like leather than the rest of her outfit.

Some detail I started using for this kit was wire for her hair. Yes...I thought about using metal wire for strands for hair before I realized I need it to pin pieces of her together. In the end, I think I only used the metal wire to pin her hands.

All in all, I was happy with the way the kit came out. It was still a learning process for me so stick around and check out future posts of my resin model kit adventures. Eventually I'll get around to posting some model kit tutorials!



becky cloonan said...

You should take some pics of all your model kits!!!!! Omg if I had your skill and patience I'd be an addict too XD

as it is, I'm addicted to your model kits <3

Anonymous said...


I do miniature painting, so I know good work when I see it.

queek, from the Comics Curmudgeon, via the MyCage page.

PS: love your artwork in MyCage.