Sunday, October 4, 2009

24 Hour Comic Day: The results are in

We actually started at 12am Saturday, which might not have been a good idea, being that Hwan came from work and we've all already been up during the day. We struggled through the night, and crashed one by one. By late morning we where all up again, refreshed (sorta) and went back to comics.
There were 8 of us in total; Becky, Vasilis, Vanessa, Eve, Hwan, Robin, Rob and myself, and several cats that distracted us with their cuteness. We worked steadfast and everyone results were awesome! I managed to pencil 5 pages of my Rapunzel comic and inked 2! Here are the incomplete pages.


becky cloonan said...

These pages are awesome! I totally love how this comic is going too. And the black placement is looking better and better!

Doug! said...

Super cool your work, congratulations!
I really enjoyed.

(sorry my english)

vanessa said...

Oooo. Your pages look great! =3

hwan | 환 said...