Thursday, October 1, 2009

SPX and 24 Hour Comics

Oh man, I just came back from the Small Press Expo this past weekend and it was great!! I went with my gal pals Hwan and Robin. There was a lot going on and to be honest a bit over-whelming for me at first. To see original creators and their works really inspired me. Their innovativeness really impressed me too. On Saturday I walked out to the hall for a breather and on an empty table in front of me stood a tiny paper figure. A yeti to be exact. A sucker for any type of mini figure, I picked it up and put it in my bag.

To my surprise when examining the paper figure later, there was a reward offer posted on the back for his return. A bigger sucker for things like this, I went back to Expo the next day, found the Last Dollar Comics booth, and returned him. I got a reward, a cardstock paper with more paper monsters to make! So much fun!!!

The highlight of course, was Hwan, Robin, and myself managed to put a mini comic together!! We've planned for months but was able to put it together at the last minute. I was only able to put in the first 6 pages of my Rapunzel comic, but it was still finished by pure determination!! Check out Hwan and Robin's blog to see the cover and their sample pages.

This coming weekend is 24 Hours comics day. So I plan to finish up my Rapunzel comic. Hopefully i can get a good amount done!

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