Monday, October 5, 2009

A bunch of Twits

I have tweeted. Somehow there are many Melissa DeJesus's so trying to do a combination of mine name proved difficult. I ended up with MelissaDejesus1, because I am number 1. >=}

I needed an avatar, so what better way to make one is create a whole new illustration! Yup, that is the sole reason I drew this. Lol. Anyway, I had a sketch like this in my mini sketch book and i thought I'd practice my coloring some more.


Robin Ha said...

ooo hotness!!

CA3 said...

The image there sort of reminds me of those battle hardened femme fatales that you see in action movies, cartoons, comic books and the venture brothers. I gotta admit, wherever else you use it, people will be quick to remember that particular Melissa Dejesus. That said, I hope that the twitter thing pans out as beneficial to whatever goals you have for it.